RH--033--Red Hat Linux Essentials--Content to study

(1) Basic commands.
(2) Editing files and changing their attributes and rights.
(3) Understanding the linux file system.
(4) Navigating the file system.
(5) Common maintanance task.
(6) Introduction to linux shell and using it.
(7) Essential Linux commands from the command line.
(8) Using graphical and text base configuration tools.
(9) Performing common task using Linux GUI,vi editor.
(10)Manage networking and printing using configuration tools.
(11)Launch application from command line and GUI interface.
(12)Listing terminating and scheduling the processes.
(13)Customize X windows system.
(14)Configuring the Besh shell and customizing it.
(15)Reguler expression pattern matching and I/O redirection.
(16)Partitions and achieving tools.
(17)Copy files to and from a floppy disk.
(18)Install , upgrade , delete and quirey pacages in your system.
(19)Network common utilities.

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