RH--133--Red Hat Linux Administration--Content to study

(1)  Installation of Red Hat Linux.
(2)  Installing and uninstalling Hardware and Software.
(3)  Understanding Linux kernel and File system and their management.
(4)  Linux server and client.
(5)  Network protocol.
(6)  Managing Users and Groups.
(7)  Hardware installation,accessing,exploring,management,how to assign rights to each user.
(8)  Creating modifying and deleting user and group account.
(9)  Managing password policies.
(10) NIS DNS and DHCP services and their configuration.
(11) Mount and unmount file system.
(12) Creating and resizing the logical volumes.
(13) Restore,backup,tape and tar archive.
(14) IPv4 configuration.
(15) IPv6 configuration.
(16) Recovery tools and utilities.
(17) Installing,updating,removing softwares with RPM.
(18) X windows system cofiguration.
(19) GNOME environment cofiguration.
(20) Basic troubleshooting.

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