RH--253--Red Hat Linux Security and Network Administraton--Content to study

  • Networking services.
  • Security administration
  • Password security Kernel security.
  • Basic elements of firewall.
  • Security sources and methods.
  • Method Of Fault Analysis
  • Services And Application Access Controls
  • Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • Securing Networks Using Digital Certificates
  • Static And Dynamic IPv6 Configuration
  • Account Management
  • IPv6 Routing Configuration
  • Securing Linux Network Using Netfilter
  • Connection Tracking
  • Public Key Encryption
  • Utilities And Authentication
  • Network Address Translation
  • Configure DNS, DNS And DHCP
    Local Security Files and filesystem security.
  • Configure File Transfer Protocol (FTP) And
  • Network File Service (NFS)
  • Configure The Firewall
  • Configure Samba Services
  • Server-side setup, configuration, and basic administration of common newtworking services: DNS,
    NIS, Apache, SMB, DHCP, Send mail, FTP, proxy etc.
  • Apache Web Server Overview
  • Apache Server Configuration
  • Configuring Virtual Hosts
  • Apache Encrypted Web Server
  • Developing a Security Policy.
  • Configure Sendmail And Use Sendmail To Send
  • And Receive Emails
    and more.....................

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