Linux is the open source opetating systems. Linux is the Unix-like
operating system.It using Linux Kernel. Linux is the leading server
operating system.In early days Linux supports only command line interface
but now a days it developes very beautiful graphical interface.
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Red hat is the most populer at server level in corporat sector.It's main advantage is it s security.More populer graphical linux environment are gnome and Kde.It supports
wide varity of languages.Wine application supports windows application
run on Linux.For installing updating and removing software is made easy
by synaptic package manager. Most of the web server use Linux operating system.Linux have LAMP server software combination  such as apache,mysql,perl/php/python.These are more populer among developers and are one of the common platform for website
hosting.In decemper 2009, computer giant IBM reported that it would sell  mainframe-based enterprise linux server.So,Linux is widely used in
mainframe and supercomputers.

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